Art Consulting and Supplier for Trade and Hospitality

Art Consulting

UnstART is pleased to offer exclusive Art Consulting services for hospitality and wholesale customers. With our broad selection of available, original artwork, UnstART can design an art program for any environment that is sure to put an impressive finishing touch on your interior.

Our Process

– At the outset of your project we meet with you to consider all aspects of the job including overall scope, time frame, project budget, and design direction.

– With your art needs and design aesthetic in mind, we present artwork specifically tailored to your project and budget.

– We continue to assist you as the project moves forward with digital “look books” for client meetings, additional works for review, or other special requests for your project.

– We will provide you with a detailed line item budget for your project which will include suggested placement, frame dimensions, and any other important details specific to your request. From project conception to the final installation, we’re there with you every step of the way.