Frequently Asked Questions 

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Canvas & Process

What Canvas do you use?

We use archival canvases that are of a museum grade - in terms of archival standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for PH, lightfastness - Fine art canvas that is OBA (no yellowing) and acid free.

We usually use 320gsm or above high quality matte cotton canvas. These archival canvases contain high levels of white, to ensure that the colors get reproduced exactly, with brilliant tones.

What types of frames do you use and what is the depth of the frame?

Canvas prints are wrapped on 1 inch thick high quality wooden frames. We only use premium quality wood, for unsurpassed quality. Hand stretched by our skilled craftsmen.

What type of file formats that you support for custom orders ?

We only support jpg format of the image. For any queries send us an email at support@unstart.net

How long my Canvas will last and what is Giclee Technology?

Archival canvas can last for over a hundred years without deteriorating or yellowing. As long as it’s kept out of extreme moisture or sunlight, giclee canvas is guaranteed to last for decades. This canvas is also very durable. After the images have been produced, it is able to be stretched onto canvas or gallery wrapped. Depending on whether or not you want your image framed, the images can be printed with excess canvas around the edges for stretching.

Giclee refers to the process of creating high resolution reproduction from from specially designed printers. The word is derived from the French, gicler, meaning “to squirt or spray”. The name was first used by printmaker Jack Duganne to represent his inkjet digital fine art.

Giclee printers use CcMmYK cartridges meaning there are light and regular options available for cyan and magenta.Thus the technology allows for clarity of picture and depth of color that no other method can match

This technique results in durable and spectacular looking canvas of the highest quality. We use top-notch inks, to achieve brilliant and true colors. Due to their high level of UV resistance, the canvas retain their colors for decades.

Fine art UV varnish for added protection.

What is Rolled Canvas / Mounted / Gallery wrap?

Rolled Canvas comes without frame. Mounted and Gallery wrap comes with frame.

What is the difference between Mounted and Gallery Wrap?

In Mounted Canvas, your image will on the front surface only and the edges will be white. Whereas in Gallery wrap, you image will be wrapped along with side edges as well.

    •    Corners are blind folded to make clean edges.

    •    Frames are neatly finished once framed.

    •    Can be easy hung off the back of the canvas profile.

    •    UV Protective coating makes the high quality canvas durable.

Is there a margin of difference in the finished size of the piece to my ordered dimensions?

There is unlikely to be any significant difference on the smaller canvas but there may be a small difference on larger pieces. This is because we may have to adjust the image size to meet the standard dimensions of the stretcher bar sizes we use for framing, plus the margin of flexibility in the canvas when it is being stretched.

The difference in size is unlikely to be more than 5cm max, and we generally go to the the next size up - so you get a larger than ordered piece.

How Can I keep it clean?

CARE: Vacuum with a correct attachment - e.g. curtain nozzle when hung on wall. We also recommend dusting or wiping with a damp cloth perhaps with mild soapy water if marked. No solvents.

Are they ready to hang?

Yes the art and frames is one complete unit and and ready to hang.

Product Details & Care

My canvas is loose, what’s up with that?

Don't worry, there's an easy fix! Our canvases are wrapped on stretcher bars that let you tighten them. If the canvas gets loose, take if off the wall and place the loosest edge on the top of a towel atop a table. You will see small plastic parts in each of the corners. Those are stretcher keys—tap the keys gently with a hammer to tighten the canvas. Tap down toward the table gently, then rotate the canvas and tap down on the next side. You don't have to do all four sides—just tap the keys in until the canvas is tight again. You may see the wood joint spreading apart, which is how the stretchers are designed to work. Tears in the canvas can occur if it is over tightened, but tears are rare. If you encounter a tear, please contact our support team.

There is a dent on my canvas, is it ruined?

Nope! Our canvases are fabric, so dents aren't the end. To correct a dent, lay the piece face down on an ironing board or a towel on top of a table. Use a normal clothes iron on a low heat setting and iron the dent out from the backside. If that doesn't fix it, and you are within 60 days of your purchase, just let us know at support@unstart.net

Can I hang my canvas in the bathroom or outdoors?

Over time, moisture that can be found in these areas can seep into the substrate.  This can ultimately damage it, as the canvas may show signs of warping or waving.

Will the colors I see on my screen be exactly how the final canvas looks like ?

The colors you see on your monitor may be close to what is delivered, but due to differences in the color calibration of monitors, a perfect match cannot be guaranteed.

What sizes available for purchase?

Available size, dimensions, and orientation are mentioned in the product detail page.  Unfortunately, we do not offer custom sizing options for the products listed.

Can I customize the art you offer for sale?

Unfortunately, we cannot modify our product images. 

Do you have an inventory ?

All of our artwork is made to order.  We do not carry an inventory of products.

Can I purchase an unstretched canvas?

Unfortunately, unassembled prints are not available for purchase at this time.

Can I buy a digital copy of the image?

We are unable to offer any digital copies for sale.

Delivery and Shipping

When will I get my Canvas ?

Once you place the order, we process the same and we ship it within 2-3 weeks, if it’s a Rolled Canvas, and on 3-4 weeks if it is a Mounted / Gallery Wrap Canvas excluding Saturday and Sunday.

What are your Shipping Charges?

Shipping charges vary depending upon the City / Country from where you are ordering. Please check our Shipping Charges at the time of checkout.

What should I do in case of damages in transit?

If your canvas has been damaged in transit, despite our carefully secured packaging, you should document the damage with a digital camera and contact us within 24 hours. Please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can replace the damaged canvas in a timely fashion.

I want to send the canvas directly to friends and family. Can my Shipping Address be different from my Billing Address?

Yes you can. At the time when you completing your order, you can enter the shipping and billing addresses accordingly.

Order Tracking

To track your order status online, log in and visit the orders page in your account.

When will my order be delivered?

Our items are made to order and hand assembled. Expect to receive your order within 30 business days from the date of your purchase/payment.

When will I receive a shipping tracking number?

Tracking details will be emailed to you once your order has shipped.  During the holidays orders with Free Standard Shipping are shipped within 15 business days.  If you are unable to track your order status and it has been more than 10 business days since you have ordered, please contact us at support@unstart.net

Artist Inquiries

How do I feature my artwork on your website?

Artists who are interested in are welcome to email links to their portfolio to support@unstart.net our Customer Service team will make certain it gets forwarded to our Licensing department.

Customer Service

How do I contact Customer Service?

Come on over to the Contact Us page. It has all the details!

If you still don't find the answer you were looking for, send us an email at support@unstart.net